Holidays! Holy days!

I have been lazy about posting for awhile but wanted to somehow address the holiday season. I have not been doing anything that I really feels warrants a post. No cooking, crafting or doing strange things and taking photographic evidence. I've been so lackadaisical I even brought store bought fruit salad to my foodiest friend's brunch potluck!

The good thing about the holidays, perhaps my favorite thing, is that it's a time where you're allowed to put a halt to many normal responsibilities. It becomes the utmost importance to attend holiday parties, have long brunches (with naps afterwards) and hole yourself up in cozy bars with good friends and hot beverages. And shopping! It's a time when you absolutely must go shopping. I've been doing a lot of those things but won't write about them here, at least not in detail. After all, this is
Blogspot in 2008, not Livejournal in 2004.

I hope everyone has a happy (and very lazy) holiday season!!!

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  1. it was lovely to sip hot toddys with you. happy 2009!