When the Escape Becomes the Habit

I must confess that I have an addiction. An addiction that apparently only gets worse when schoolwork gets heavier and more hours are spent typing away. My addiction is eBay (of course). How tempting it is to turn off the brain for a few minutes to troll through screens listing items I feel I should probably have in my life. Add to this the thrill of the hunt, the need for constant vigilance and the bated breath of a bid put in last minute (and always with $.51 added! always!). The glory of an item won, especially at a ridiculous low price, keeps me coming back again and again. The question now seems, should I eBay, or finish this blog entry?

May I present to you my latest eBay purchase.

I've be wanting a caramel brown bag for awhile and I'm a sucker for tooled leather. Now bags and I have always had an uneasy relationship. As a messy person, I find it near impossible to keep one bag organized let alone have the ability to swap bags with any regularity. When I try, I always leave something behind and end up cursing, sans unlimited MetroCard, at the subway turnstile. For most of grad school I have survived throwing everything into my increasingly ratty Longchamp, yet with my new purchase I vow to keep things tidier and switch up more often. Now I wonder, how do my more organized friends do this?