Land of Eternal Starlight

For Halloween this year I am dressing up as an elf with a friend. We often like to joke about elves and mystical realms so it seemed appropriate, and a good excuse to wear elf ears. To clarify, we will be this type of elf, not the Christmas variety.
Searching the internet for inspiration, I came across an online community called Elven Realities for people believe that they are really elves.... This is the site introduction...
Why would anyone want to think they are an elf?
Well....escapism aside, some people cannot seem to shake the feeling that they are "elves"....For myself it is a useful descriptive term that may not be totally accurate, but it conveys the "feel" of my beliefs reasonably well. It really is not a "choice", it is more of a "realization", something for the individual to cope with and try to understand. What I hope to do with this page is to help those with that singing in the blood find a little something that they can use to make sense, perhaps that little bit of a hint that lets them find their way. There are others out there...hopefully this helps those ready to find them.

I think this community is amazing! There is even a Midsummer's gathering in the forests of Pennsylvania every year called Walking the Thresholds to create community, establish rituals and partake in bardic drumming and storytelling. Whose in?

Now I bid adieu,
Galadriƫl Arcamenel
(name courtesy of the Elvish Name Generator)


  1. i often get the sense that i am in fact a vampire. where do i go to find my way?! in the meantime, sign me up for a weekend at this magical forest...in pennsylvania...